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First Semester
ii. Safety
iii. A neat math puzzle
iv 0000. A 500 kV line opened under load
v.Data Studio Install Package
vi. Install Physics Lab printer on your computer
vii Online Stopwatch
viii Graph Paper Printing Program
ix Following Directions
x. Electrical Reference Chart
xi Producing a graph (chart) using Excel
xii. Curve Fitting
xiii Matchgraph program
xiv Get Capstone Software

  1. Measurement & Sig.Figs. | (Abridged version)
  2. Hooke's Law(Word) (PDF)
  3. Pendulum Period | Data Analysis | Capstone | Simplified
  4. Introduction to Data Studio
  5. Buoyancy - Archimedes' Principle
  6. Coef.Friction
  7. Coef Friction 2 Capstone
  8. Uniform Motion
  9. Accelerated Motion Accelerated Motion #2 (G Sheet) (Instructions)
  10. Acceleration of Gravity
  11. Acceleration of Gravity using iPad
  12. Acceleration on Inclined Plane (DS) (Capstone)
  13. Acceleration due to gravity - direct measurement
  14. Weight V Mass
  15. Student Power Generation (Report Data) (Calcultor Page) | Results
  16. Pullies (Capstone)
  17. Pullies (MA) Using Data Studio
  18. Roller Coaster
  19. The Yellow Light
  20. MatchGraph
  21. Poppers
  22. Speed of Sound Resonance(Tuning Fork) (BS2) (Comparison)
  23. Speed of Sound Oscilloscope
  24. PASCO Sound Wave Properties
  25. Index of Refraction Applet and Worksheet
  26. (Remote) Unknown Resistors
  27. Action/Reaction Forces
  28. Components of a D.C Power Supply
  29. Magnetic Force vs. Distance

Second Semester

  1. Specific Heat of a metal
  2. Joule<>Kilocalorie
  3. Eye Test
  4. Blind Spot
  5. Brightness vs distance
  6. Reflection from a Plane Mirror
  7. Index of Refraction of Glass
  8. Index Glass Laser
  9. Index of Refraction - Laser Distance Meter
  10. Ray Box Lab
  11. Focal length of concave mirror using ray box
  12. Index of Refraction of Water
  13. Focal Length of a Lens
  14. Telescope
  15. Electrostatics
  16. Electrostatics 2
  17. Circuit Construction Kit from Physics Educational Technology needs Java
  18. Using a Digital Multimeter | Results
  19. Doorbell Series Circuit
  20. Resistance of a light bulb
  21. Resistance of a light bulb using Capstone
  22. Bulbs in series
  23. Motor Efficiency
  24. Comparative cost of illumination
  25. Magnetism Introduction
  26. Map a Magnetic Field
  27. Magnetic Induction
  28. A Small Generator
  29. Wavelength of Hg green line (quick version)
  30. A. Diffraction Grating Spacing and B. Wavelength of Hg green line
  31. Flash a light using Integrated Circuit
  32. Make Noise with Integrated Circuit
  33. Kill a camera
  34. the LED
  35. Time-Dependent Resistor
  36. Speed of Softball
  37. Relativity in Week One (PDF text)
  38. Mathematics of Relativity
  39. What is current (from PASCO) Student Guide Data Studio File
  40. Data Studio version of Bulbs in Series

Review Work for the Mid-Year Examination
A. Mechanics Review
B. Work and Energy Review
C. Waves Review
D. Conversions
E. Mid-Year Review Practice Exam - Part 1
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