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1. Reaction Time Measurements

   reaction time and car accident 

2. Traffic light system*

3. Relative Motion (frame of reference)

4. Free Rolling and circular motion¡@

5. Racing ball

6. One Dimensional Motion (XVA)

7. Projectile motion (Cannon to cannon)*

projection motion with air drag
8. Interesting properties of projectile motion

9, Bouncing balls

10. Angular momentum and area

11. Simple Harmonic Motion

12. Spring Force and Simple Harmonic Motion

13. Motion of a Ping-Pong

Dynamics 1. Pendulum

2. Center of Gravity

3. Kepler Motion

   Projectile/Satellite Orbits  (German

4. Pulley

5. Buoyant Force * buoyant

6. Circulation motion and centripetal force

7. One-dimensional collision

8. Two-dimensional collision

9. frictional force and motion

10. In which direction will it roll?

11. Free body Force Diagram




1. Oscillation and wave (spring)

2. Moving point source (Doppler effect/Shock wave)

3. The location of an supersonic airplane

4. Double Slit (interference)

5. Superposition principle of wave

 superposition of pause

6. Fourier Synthesis

7. Transmission of Wave (Reflection and Refraction)

8. Interference between two waves (point sources)

9. Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave

   Transverse Traveling Wave

Thermodynamics 1. Molecular model for an ideal gas (PV=NkT)

2. Brownian Motion

3. Carnot heat engine

1. Charged particle motion in uniform E/M Field

2. Propagation of electromagnetic wave*

3. Oscilloscope

4. cyclotron

5. Biot-Savart Law

1. RC circuits (DC) 

2. (DC)V-RLC circuit simulation

3. RLC circuit (AC) 

4. Multimeter VOM




1. reflection/refraction (water/air interface)

2. Thin Lens / mirror *    thin lens combinations

3. Thick Lens java applet

4. Find the fastest Path

5. Physics of Rainbow * (How/Why?)

6. "the world above the water surface" (refraction)

7. shadow/image and mixing colored light

8. Billiards and Physics

9. Fermat principle

10.mixing colored light beams / paint pigments.
   Color Magic show  (Director animation)

modern physics Space and Time in Special Relativity
Others 1. Vernier*

2. Vector Addition

3. Theorem of Pythagoras

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