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Iona Physics Movies

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Brainiac Electric Fence
Danger at the Gas Pump
Hammer and feather on the moon
Muon life
Opera singer breaking glass -humorous
Sound breaking glass
Speed of Sound Experiment
Tacoma Narrows
Motion in 2D
Doing Physics Problems (Il Trovatore) Second Version
Distance Formula (Norma)

Catapult man

Black holes and fundamentals of physics

Understanding Car Crashes
Mirror Formula
Models falling compilation
Model Falls Twice!

Frames of reference

Gun recoil (from Ride Along)

Br. Harris Videos

Motion in 2D
Elevator Acceleration
Conservation of Energy (Falling)
Momentum Conservation (Lock together)
Momentum Conservation (recoil)
Momentum Conservation (Explosion)
Momentum Conservation (Gun recoil)

External Links

Cern rap (You Tube Link)
Color changing card trick (You Tube Link)


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