Iona Prep Physics Projects Page


Whether you want to do a project for a science fair, a project for extra credit, or you just want to have some fun doing science, the sources below will give you some ideas.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide from the Internet Public Library.

Science Snacks from the Exploratorium has a number of projects which are very easy to construct and which clearly demonstrate some physical principle. Also check out Science Explorer also from the Exploratorium.

The Science Hobbyist by William Beaty a is a collection of science resources. It contains suggestions for science projects. This site is well worth the time used in exploring it.

How Stuff Works explains exactly that. Very interesting.

Smile Physics has a long list single-concept lessons, any one of which could be an interesting project idea.

Physics Demonstrations from U.C.Berkley shows how various physical phenomena can be demonstrated.

Hovercraft - this is a fun project for 2 or more people. Make it and then demonstrate Newton's laws and such using it.

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