Iona Prep Physics Lab Procedure


Physics Students experimenting with wind chimes.

Wind Chime Experiment Diagram
By Pat Hines
Wind Chime Experiment Procedure
Each group was given a piece of electrical conduit, a meter stick, and a small rubber hammer. The tube was held between the experimenterís thumb and forefinger in one hand while being struck with the hammer which was held in the other. The students experimented with different supporting positions (measured from the top) and different striking positions (measured from the top) until they found the locations which produced the most pleasing and longest-lasting sound. The length of the tube (L), the distance from the top to the supporting position (S), and the distance from the top to the hitting position (h) were recorded. The frequency (f) of the sound made by the tube was determined by comparing it to the sound of an adjustable audio generator equipped with a digital frequency meter.

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