STEP Physics Review for Mid-Year Examination


The exam is cumulative, covering chapters 2-7. It will be held on Tuesday Jan 16 2024 at 11:30 A.M.
The first part will have 40 multiple-choice questions and will be worth 40 points. Taken on your iPad
The second part will have 6 problems and will be worth 60 points. Taken on your iPad

Have your iPad, stylus, and calculator with you and fully charged!

For purposes of review you should do as much of the following as you can:


  1. Place the answers for the multiple choice questions for part 1 on the iPad.
  2. Place the part 2 answers directly under the problems on the iPad. Work neatly! Use a stylus OR Type into a text box.

Review Sheets for Part 1:

Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 |

Vocabulary list

Formula Sheet (A copy of this will be included at the end of the exam)

Videos for Part 2:

P2N1. Resolving a vector into components: (10 points)
P2N2. Two dimensional motion: (10 points)
P2N3. F=ma with friction: (10 points)
P2N4. Elevator problem: (10 points)
P2N5.Conservation of energy: (10 points)
P2N6. Conservation of momentum (lock together) (recoil) (explosion) (gun-bullet): (10 points)


This is the review schedule. If you decide to take a day off, you still must do the assigned review material. If we have a snow day or anything like that, you still need to keep up with the review. If you send me an email before 7 PM I will reply.

Jan 2024 Review

STEP Physics

W Jan 3 (Day 3) Review Ch 2 -- P2N1
R Jan 4(Day 4) Review Ch 3 -- P2N2
F Jan 5(Day 5) Review Ch 4 -- P2N3
M Jan 8 (Day 6)Lab Review Ch 5 -- P2N4
T Jan 9 (Day 7) Review Ch 6 -- P2N5
W Jan 10 (day 8) Review Ch 7 -- P2N6
R Jan 11 (Day 1) Review Wrap Up
R Jan 11 at 3 PM Extra help in Rm 117
T Jan 16 at 11:30 Mid Year Exam!

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