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Practice Problems

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A coach, standing on the sideline, calls a play to the quarterback. Assuming the distance from the coach to the quarterback is YARDS, and the speed of sound is 1090 ft/s, how long will it take the sound to reach the quarterback? Express your answer in seconds.

A car accelerates uniformly from 20 mi/hr to mi/hr in 15 seconds. What is the average speed of the car during the time it is accelerating? Express your answer in miles/hr.

A car travelling at 45 mi/hr (20.1 m/s) comes to rest in seconds. Find the acceleration of the car in m/s2.

A ball is dropped from rest at the top of a building. It strikes the ground seconds later. Assuming the acceleration of gravity to be 9.81 m/s2, calculate the height of the building in meters.

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