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IMPORTANT: Enter very large or very small numbers in E notation. For example 340000 = 3.4x10^5 and would be entered this way: 3.4E5
What is the speed of light (m/sec)in lucite (n = 1.5)?

What would be the speed of light (m/sec) in a substance which is known to have an index of refraction of ?

Light is moving in air and hits flint glass (n=1.66) at an angle of incidence of degrees. Find the angle of refraction to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Light moves into air from water (n = 1.33) at an angle of incidence of degrees. Find the angle of refraction.

Light enters an unknown substance from air at an angle of incidence of 45 degrees. The angle of refraction is measured to be degrees. Find the index of refraction of that substance.

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