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A ray of light is reflected from a plane mirror which has an index of refraction of 1.38. The angle between the incident and reflected rays is degrees. The angle of incidence is how many degrees?

A light beam is reflected from an object in space. If the object is E8 meters away, how long will it take for the light to make the round trip?

The speed of light in a particular substance is known to be E8 m/s. What is the index of refraction for that substance?

In Young's Double-Slit experiment, light of wavelength 5.9E-7 meters is directed through two narrow slits which are 0.100 centimeters apart. The first bright line is meters from the central axis of the pattern. The distance from the screen to the slits is how many meters?

An object 3 cm tall is placed cm from a concave mirror of radius cm. How far from the mirror will the image be (in centimeters)

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