Practice Problems

Very large or very small numbers can be entered in E notation. For example 300000000 could be entered exactly that way (with NO COMMAS) or 3.0E8
DO NOT enter numbers this way 3.0 x10^8

A car is moving at 20 m/s on a straight road. How long will it take to go meters? seconds

Assuming you will travel at a constant speed, how fast must you travel in order to cover meters in seconds? m/s

Light travels at 3 x10^8 meters/second (3E8 m/s). Assuming the sun is 1.5x10^11 meters away, how many seconds will it take light to reach us from the sun? sec

A coach calls a play from the sideline to a player. Assume the distance is YARDS. If sound travels at 1080 FEET/second, how long will it take the sound to reach the player? sec

Radio waves travel at the speed of light which is 3E8 m/s. It takes radio messages 1.28 seconds to reach the moon. How far away is the moon? m

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