WavesReview 1
Practice Problems

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Make sure to enter your answers in the specified units .
For ALL the questions on this quiz, consider the speed of light to be 3.00E8 m/s and the speed of sound to be 3.30E2 m/s.
How long will it take for the sound of an explosion to reach an observer who is kilometers away?

A rocket is on a voyage to the moon. How long will it take a radio signal to travel from the rocket to the earth, a distance of meters?

A tuning fork has a frequency of hertz. What is the wavelength of the wave produced by the fork?

What is the frequency of light which has a wavelength in air of meters in air?

A lens has a focal length of centimeters. How far from the lens should an object be placed in order to form a true size image? (answer in centimeters)

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