Practice Problems

How many centimeters are there in meters?

Dean Saccomanno skates up to a puck which is at rest and fires it at m/s. If the puck was in contact with his stick for 0.25 seconds, find the acceleration of the puck. m/s^2

William Catalani forgot to do his online quiz! Depressed, because that might cost him his exemption, he jumps out the window. How far will he fall in seconds? Your answer should be in meters. m

Jeff Padilla throws a baseball with an initial speed of 20 m/s. The path of the ballmakes an angle of degrees with the horizontal. Find the horizontal component of the speed of the ball when it was thrown in m/s.

What is the initial vertical component of the speed of the ball in question 4? Your answer should be in m/s.

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