Practice Problems

Speed of light = 3.0 x108m/sec
Speed of sound = 1090 ft/sec
Enter large or small numbers in e notation. For example 2900000 would be 2.9 x 106 which would be entered 2.9E6
.000000034 would be entered 3.4E-8

Make sure to enter your answers in the specified units .
Eric Mangellsdorf can pitch at miles/hour. (He wishes!) How fast would that be in meters/second?

Someone comes up against a pitcher who can throw the ball at miles/hour. It is 60 feet and 6 inches from the mound to the plate. How long would it take the ball to travel from the mound to the plate (in seconds)?

Let's say Eric actually hit the ball. (This is a physics quiz, but it doesn't have to be realistic). How long would it take for the sound of the bat hitting the ball to reach the Video Camera microphone which is located feet away? (seconds)

Oree Banks is helping the team by videotaping the game. (This helps the team much more than having him actually playing, now that his hand is in a cast!) How long would it take the light from home plate to reach the camera, which is located feet away? (seconds)

Once you have submitted your answers for grading by clicking the grade button, you cannot resubmit answers for the same Problem Set--you must use the 'New Problems' button first.
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