Practice Problems

Two parallel slits 2.0x10^-6 m apart are illuminated by parallel rays of monochromatic light of wavelength 6.0x10^-7 meter. The interference pattern is formed on a screen which is meters from the slits. Calculate the distance from the central maximum to the first maximum (answer in meters).

Two speakers are emitting sounds. Each has a frequency of Hz and they are in phase with each other. Assuming the speed of sound is 330 m/s, what is the minimum path difference in order for those waves to produce destructive interference (answer in meters)?

Monochromatic yellow light with wavelength 5.9 x10^-7 m is directed upon tow narrow slits which are meters apart. The first bright line is 2.2 x10^-3 meter from the central axis of the pattern. The distance from the slits to the screen is how many meters?

If an interference pattern is being formed on a screen and the wavelength of the light is increased, the pattern will (1) Expand (2) Contract (3) Become brighter (4) Become dimmer

If the separation of the slits in a Young's Interference experiment is increased, the observed pattern will (1) Expand (2) Contract (3) Become brighter (4) Become dimmer

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