Practice Problems

  Densities of some substances
Substance Density (g/cm3)
Osmium 22.6
Platinum 21.4
Gold 19.3
Uranium 19.0
Lead 11.3
Silver 10.5
Copper 8.9
Brass 8.6
Iron 7.8
Steel 7.8
Diamond 3.5
Aluminum 2.7
Ice 0.92
Balsa wood 0.12
Mercury 13.6
Fresh water 1.00
Sea water 1.03
Ethyl Alcohol 0.81
Igor is given a piece of a substance which measures cm^3 and has a mass of grams. Calculate its density in g/cc.

What would be the mass of a cc piece of steel? Your answer should be in grams.

How many cc's of Mercury would have a mass of grams?

A rectangular piece of an unknown substance measures cm long by cm wide by cm high has a mass of 500 grams. Find its density.

A cylinder has a radius of cm, a width of centimeters, and a mass of grams. Find its density in g/cc.

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