Iona Prep Physics Policies


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ON ABSENCES: If you are absent from class for any reason at all (sick, on retreat, on Public Relations visit, stuck in traffic on the Hutch for 6 hours, visiting your parole officer, etc.) you are still responsible for the material which is covered in class that day. You should contact a friend to find out what material was covered in order to be prepared to rejoin the class. Also, check the physics website where class notes are posted. That way you will also be prepared in the event of a quiz. Record a few classmates' phone numbers in your notebook for reference. This is your responsibility.


For the purposes of this policy, “the period” begins the moment you enter the room and ends the moment you leave the room.

You will not use your cell phone during the period for any reason whatsoever (including 'checking the time') without explicit permission.
When you are using your computer during the period it must be for course work. You will not visit any website which is not directly related to the course. You will not be doing any work which is not directly related to the course. The teacher is the judge of what is and what is not directly related to the course.

Any violation of this policy may subject you to disciplinary action and/or may have a negative effect on your grade.

Taking notes
You MUST have a notebook. Use your notebook to record important ideas and formulae. Separating important ideas from less important details is a skill worth developing and will help you in your other courses as well as in college. You should also copy down problems which are solved in class. Be active, not passive. If you are thinking about taking notes on a computer, read this article.

Your grade in this course will be made up of several components:

Quizzes Lab Reports Participation
Written homework Exams Adjustments
  1. Quizzes will be given without warning. Expect them. See the GRADING page for information on how problems will be graded. You should prepare for quizzes by doing the following:
  2. If you happen to be absent on the day of a quiz, it probably will not be counted in your grade. If you are absent on several quiz days, you may be required to make up missed quizzes on Saturday. That is a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning.
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  3. A lab will be performed each cycle. A written lab report using the proper format must be submitted before the assigned deadline. Late lab reports will be accepted for reduced credit only until the graded reports are returned. After graded reports are returned, none will be accepted. Lab report grades count the same as quiz grades. If you do not submit a report for a lab you performed, you will be given a grade of zero. That tends to lower your average.
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  4. A participation grade may be assigned at the end of the marking period. It will count as a quiz grade. The participation grade will be the teacher's evaluation of the extent to which you have come prepared for class, cooperated in class activities, completed your homework, performed during laboratory periods, and similar considerations.
  5. As part of your class participation you should come prepared for class every day. That means you should have the following items every day: [Return to top of Policy page. ] [ Go to the Contents page. ]
  6. Written homework, when collected or checked, may be counted either as a quiz grade or as part of your participation grade. If not handed in when collected, a grade of zero will be assigned. See the GRADING page for information on how problems will be graded.
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  7. There will be at least two examinations each marking period. There will be adequate warning before examinations. Examinations will count more heavily in the average than any quiz, lab, or other assignment. Missed examinations will be made up on a Saturday. You may use a calculator on any exam or quiz. You may NOT share calculators. Come prepared!
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  8. Adjustments: You should attempt to earn good grades by paying attention in class, participating, and completing assignments. If you come unprepared for class (no computer, no calculator, no paper or pencil, etc) you will probably lose points. The science department has a policy "no extra credit". No exceptions. Period.
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