Iona Prep Physics Assignment: What Happened?

This is the assignment:
1.Watch the brief movie located here.

2. Write an essay which answers the following questions. You need to use proper grammar and spelling. You also need to apply what you know about science in developing your answers. Please realize that the amount of credit you receive (if any) will depend upon the quality of your answers..

(A) What did you observe? Describe it carefully.
(B) Make an educated guess about what might have caused the unexpected event.
(C) Explain any observations you made which might tend to support your guess.

Suppose someone saw the movie and said it was a hoax; that the incident never occurred..

(D) Can you find any evidence (aside from the movie itself) --perhaps on the Internet -- that such an incident like this actually occurred, or might have occurred?
(E) Can you find any evidence that this movie is or probably is a hoax?

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