Iona Prep Physics Assignment: Reaction Time


Assignment: To Measure Your Reaction Time

You are to determine your reaction time using one of the experiments below. Choose one of the experiments below and repeat it at least ten times, recording your reaction time on each trial. The data section of your report should contain each of the ten reaction times. You will then calculate the average of the ten trials. In the conclusion of your report you should report your reaction time as the average of the ten trials.

Write a lab report as usual. Be sure your lab report has all the required parts. Check the Lab Reports page, if you need help in writing your report.

Experiments: Choose one of the following:

(A) If your browser does NOT understand Java, use this simple experiment. This is easy on your browser, but it requires the help of a friend to do the experiment.

(B) If your browser DOES understand Java, do this experiment. Baseball reaction time.

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