Iona Prep Physics Assignment: Seat Belts

Seat Belts and Newton's First Law

Would a scientist support or oppose the law which requires the use of seat belts while riding in a car?

Visit the Multi-Media Physics Studio Car And Wall animation . Read the text and view the animation. (If the animation fails to load on the first try, click on the "Reload" button of your browser.) After you have finished, visit the Multi-Media Physics Studio Motorcycle animation. Again, read the text and view the animation.

Assignment: Describe the physics which was demonstrated while answering the following questions:

1. What does Newton's First Law say? Hint: here is another video in keeping with our vehicular theme..

2. How can Newton's First Law be used to support the requirement that people use seat belts in a car?

3. Why is there no requirement to wear a seat belt while riding a motorcycle? (Though motorcycle riders are frequently required to wear a helmet?)

4. COMMENT on any aspect of this assignment which you may have found interesting.

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