Iona Physics Assignment: Driver Ed 2

Applying the Scientific Method to Driver Ed (Part II).

As you learned in the last assignment, Bill Beatty , who maintains the Science Hobbyist web site, has informally applied the sceintific method to traffic jams, and has developed his own theory of merging lane MERGING LANE slowdowns.

To complete this assignment you should read the Merging Lane Traffic Jams page. While you are reading you must be actively thinking about the ideas he is presenting. You must understand what he is saying and compare his thoughts to your own experiences. Look at the animation he provides and note how the traffic flows.
Here is an experiment for you to do:
Use a watch and time how long it takes for a specific number of cars (perhaps 20 or 50) to get past the flashing light on the left. Repeat for the same number of cars to get past the light on the right.

If necessary, go back and review Mr. Beatty's Amateur Traffic Experiments.

Answer the following questions:


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