Iona Physics Home Labs


These labs are keyed to chapters

Chapter Conventional Labs (but without apparatus) Phone based labs
1. Introduction Curve Fitting / Hooke's Law Download and install Phyphox
2.Motion Blue Box / Flintstone / Dilemma Zone Accuracy of GPS
3.Acceleration Flintstone Accelerating ** Car, adjustable acceleration Identifying axes,
4.2D Motion Projectile motion Exploring Acceleration ** Measuring Acceleration

5. Newton's Laws

Newton's Second Law (Word) (PDF) ** Find the force (WORD) (PDF) Angle of repose
6.Work and Energy Student Power Generation How much power can you generate?
7. Momentum Find the Mass of the cart Inelastic Collisions
8. Rotation (Optional topic) Centripetal Force 
9. Gravity Gravity Angle and acceleration
10. Temp (Optional topic)   
11. Thermo (Optional topic)   
12. Solids, Lquids, Gasses (Optional Topic)   
13. Oscillations and waves Period of Oscillator /Period of Pendulum /PhET Pendulum / Spring-Mass Doppler (Freestyle) Doppler (V.2)
14. Sound Speed of Sound in unknown gas | Doppler Sonar ** Beats
15. Light   Illuminance
16. Reflection and Mirrors Experience your blind spot Brightness as a function of distance
17.Refraction and Lenses Index of refraction * Index of refraction and dispersion  
18. Inerference and Diffraction Beats (alternate constructive and destructive interference)  
19.Charges and Forces Coulomb's Law 
20. Fields and Energy   Phyphox lab ideas
21. Current and Circuits Measure the resistance /PhET /Resistance Puzzle 
22. Magnetism   
23. Electromagnetic Induction   
24. Quantum (Optional topic) Photoelectric Effect 
25. Atomic (Optional topic)   
26. Nuclear (Optional topic) Half Life 
27. Relativity (Optional topic)   



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