Iona Prep Physics Problems from the textbook


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#19. How much heat is absorbed by 100 g of ice at -20oC to become water at 0.0oC?

#21 How much heat is needed to change 3.00 x102 g of ice at -30oC to steam at 130oC?

Page 331
#32 Water flows over a fall that is 125 m high. If the potential energy of the water is all converted to thermal energy, calculate the temperature difference between the water at the top and the bottom of the fall.

# 59 A 300 W immersion heater is used to heat a cup of water. The cup is made of glass and its mass is 300 g. It contains 250 g of water at 15oC. How much time is needed to bring the water to the boiling point assuming that the temperature of the cup is the same as the temperature of the water at all times and that no heat is lost to the air?

#68 A metal stamping machine in a factory does 2100 joules of work each time it stamps out a piece of metal. Each stamped piece is then dipped in a 32 kg vat of water for cooling. By how much does the vat heat up each time a piece of stamped metal is dipped into it?






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