Iona Prep Physics Problems from the textbook


Chapter 27

Page 732

6. The threshold wavelength of zinc is 310 nm. Find the threshold frequency, in Hz, and the work function, in eV of zinc.

7. The work function for cesium is 1.96 eV. What is the kinetic energy, in eV, of photoelectgrons ejected when 425 nm violet light falls on the cesium?

8. When a metal is illuminated with 193 nm ultraviolet radiation, electgrons with energies of 3.5 eV are emitted. What is the work function of the metal?

9. A metal has a work function of 4.50 eV. What is the longest wavelength radiation that will cause it to emit photoelectrons?

Page 736

19. A 7.0 kg bowling ball rolls with a velocity of 8.5 m/s. (A) What is the deBroglie wavelength of the bowling ball? (B) Why does the bowling ball exhibit no observable wave behavior?

20. What is the deBroglie wavelength and speed of an electron accelerated by a potential difference of 250 V?

21. What voltage is needed to accelerate an electron so it has a 0.123 nm wavelength?

Page 742

55. What is the de Broglie wavelength of an electron moving at 3x10^6 m/s?

57. A cathode-ray tube accelerates an electron from rest across a potential difference of 5x10^3 volts. (A) What is the velocity of the electron? (B) What is the wavelength associated with the electron?

61. What is the maximum kinetic energy of photoelectrons ejected from a metal that has a stopping potential of 3.8 volts?

62. The threshold frequency of a certain metal is 8.0x10^14 Hz. What is the work function of the metal?

63. If light with a frequency of 1.6x10^15 Hz falls on the metal in the previous problem, what is the maximum kinetic energy of the ejected electrons?

65. The work function of iron is 4.7 eV. (A)What is the threshold wavelength of iron? (B) ron is exposed to radiation of wavelength 150 nm. What is the maximum kinetic eenrgy of the ejected electrons in eV?







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