Iona Prep Honors Physics Review for Mid-Year Examination

Iona Prep Physics – Honors Physics Mid-Year Examination

The exam is cumulative, covering chapters 2-7.
The first part will have 40 multiple-choice questions and will be worth 40 points.
The second part will have 6 problems and will be worth 60 points.

For purposes of review you should do as much of the following as you can:

The exam itself will contain 2 separately stapled sets of paper.

  1. The multiple choice questions for part 1. Those answers go on the scan-tron form. Also the questions for part 2. There is a lot of extra room for scrap work here.
  2. A large format booklet for part 2. You place your part 2 answers in this booklet.

Review Sheets for Part 1:

Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6 | Ch 7 |

Vocabulary list (You must know all of these words)

Formula Sheet (A copy of this will be included with the exam)

Videos for Part 2:

1. Resolving a vector into components:
2. Two dimensional motion:
3. F=ma with friction:
4. Elevator problem
5.Conservation of energy
6. Conservation of momentum (lock together) (recoil) (explosion) (gun-bullet)



This is the review schedule. If you decide to take a day off, you still must do the assigned review material. If we have a snow day or anything like that, you still need to keep up with the review. If you send me an email before 7 PM I will reply.





W Jan 3 (Day 4)

Review Ch 2 ---P2 N1

R Jan 4 (Day 5)

Review Ch 3---P2 N2

F Jan 5 (Day 6)

Review Ch 4 ---P2 N3



M Jan 8 (Day 7)

Review Ch 5 --- P2 N4

T Jan 9 (Day 8)

Review Ch 6 --- P2 N5

W Jan 10 (Day 1)

Review Ch 7 ---P2 N6A 6B 6C 6D

R Jan 11 (Day 2)

Review Wrap Up



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